Our clients are more than just clients.  They are brands that we truly support; artists that we’re excited about; ideas that we can get behind. Projects we take on are projects we are truly passionate about.  We’re selective about the projects we choose, and we’re proud of our ability to elevate any vision to a higher level.




Perception is reality and how you present yourself will mold that reality. Branding is more than just a logo or a color scheme – it’s the first impression you make on the world. It is the identity of your product and service. We work on all levels to help artists and companies point their branding in the right direction.




The foundation of Legends Hill lies in visuals. We create everything from the logo that people will instantly recognize to the t-shirt that fans actually want to wear. We build the interface that will leave a lasting impression and allow your clients to interact seamlessly with your business. These presentations leave an impact. Let us help you make that impact timeless.




Web Developer
We’re on the lookout for someone with skill and insane talent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress CMS, and other fancy abbreviations. As a front & backend developer on the Legends team, you’d be instrumental in creating ultra-engaging sites with creative functionality as well as provide solid competition in Ping Pong tournaments. If this sounds like you, Say Hello.
Project Manager
If you can keep multiple plates spinning at the same time while also keeping your sanity, let’s talk! Our projects are all extremely diverse and require someone who can cast bold vision while also paying attention to exacting details. From corporate rebranding campaigns to online marketing to video production and everything in between, you would need to be able to keep everything in constant motion, full speed ahead. If that doesn’t sound too challenging, being able to hold your own in an office-wide Mario Kart competition may prove to be your undoing! If this sounds like you, Say Hello.
Digital & Marketing Analyst
Legends Hill is in need of someone with a very analytical, strategic and social mindset. Everything from problem solving at the ground floor of unique marketing campaigns to analyzing strengths and weaknesses in strategic operations will fall within your range of responsibilities. If this sounds like you, Say Hello.